HeartCoreChicks Transformational 12-Wk Coaching Program

HeartCoreChicks Transformational 12-Wk Coaching Program

This is the signature HeartCoreChicks Transformational Program, the last weight loss program you will ever do!

Your plan is based on your genetics and your program Includes:

  • A step-by-step coaching program designed to help you lose fat, gain strength and stamina and reach your natural weight for good.
  • A workout and yoga library
  • A custom meal and exercise plan
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Voxer access to your coach
  • Daily tracking accountability
  • and mindset training so you will never diet again! 

17 Modules

Week 1: How to use MyFitness Pal

Week 2: Setting Goals

Week 3: Get your Mind Right!

Week 4: Forgiveness

Our bodies will reflect what we are holding on to. In order to release fat we have to release the past. Learning forgiveness is a crucial step to transformation. 

Week 5: Meditation

In transformation we develop "witness consciousness" as we watch our personalities react to the world in non-attachment. Meditation helps us to rid ourselves of attachment to triggers and most importantly helps us to stop identify self with body. 

Week 6: Strength Training and Supplements

Strength training is essential not just for fat loss but for strong bones and muscles adding to your longevity. As you build more muscle mass you increase your metabolism and ability to burn fat. Building muscle necessitates that lift heavy enough to make micro tears in your muscle, so learning to lift heavy is crucial. And, fun!

Supplements are key in supporting your body's health and vitality and are especially important during times of calorie deficit and increase in exercise. 

Week 7: Fasting: Prolonged and Intermittent

Fasting is one of our most powerful tools not just for fat loss but for longevity. Fasting: changes the function of cells, hormones and hormones, helps fat loss, decreases insulin resistance, reduces inflammation, increases heart health, repairs dna, and benefits brain health. 

Learn how to do it safely and effectively. 

Week 8: Morning Routine

Having a morning routine/ritual sets the tone for the day.  We control our state, we control our day instead of allowing outside forces control how we feel and what we do.  A morning routine helps us focus, helps us prioritize our time, and, ultimately, helps us  increase our productivity.

With a morning routine we start the day in a state of presence and conscious awareness. This is key to our weight loss journey. 

Week 9: Tabata Training with Kettlebells

Tabata training is the most efficient way to improve fitness levels, is super fun, can be done anywhere and with almost any equipment. Using kettlebells in a tabata format can help anyone get in crazy great shape in a minimum amount of time with very little space. Great for those who need to avoid high impact activity. 

Week 10: How to go to the gym

Banish gymphopia forever! Learn how to get comfortable going to any gym by getting comfortable with the equipment. 

Week 11: How to stay motivated

How to lose the weight AND keep it off

Week 12:Calories and Macros; WTF?

Learn how to calculate calories and why they matter. Understand macros and learn how to track them. 

Chest and Tricep Exercises

Grab your dumbells and start building some awesome lean muscle.


Back exercises are the most important exercises to master. Do them often and go heavy for fat loss and longevity. 

Biceps and Shoulders


Legs are your second biggest muscle group and for that reason, working legs 2x a week will boost your metabolism and accelerate fat loss. 

Modules for this product 17
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