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I am Trisha Selbach, CPT, Yoga Teacher and Weight Loss Specialist and I help women over 40 lose 10-50 lbs without deprivation or overwhelm so that they can feel energized, confident, and have a kickass life. 

I start with a customized meal and exercise plan and coach you through your weight loss journey so you can stop guessing, stop doing fad diets, and finally lose the weight for good! 

I help you change your mind and grow into the best version of yourself so that you feel like you are in control of your weight, your nutrition and exercise and your life. 

Available Products

HeartCore Curriculum

The basics for you to get control of your body and mind and kickass! 

Free Sugar Detox Guide

Kick the sugar habit and feel amazing with this five-day sugar detox guide. Learn how to rid your life of sugar quickly and easily and finally break free.  

HeartCoreChicks Sugar Detox Course

Welcome to life without sugar with this detailed sugar detox course. Start your fat loss journey by eliminating the #1 cause of weight gain; refined sugar, step-by-step, without deprivation or pain. 

HeartCoreChicks Transformational 12-Wk Coaching Program

This is the signature HeartCoreChicks Transformational Program, a step-by-step, 12-wk coaching program designed to help you lose fat, gain strength and stamina and reach your natural weight for good. 

Every Woman's Guide to Becoming a Super Hero

Transformation is the awakening to your true self. Learn the tools to come alive and live your best life!

The HCC Gym Shop

The Gym Shop is where I give you my personal recommendations for workout resources (some of which are affiliate links). 

The HCC Supplement Shop

The HCC Supplement Shop is where I give you my personal recommendations for supplements (some of which are affiliate links). More to come!

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